Motorola’s Droid X 2, Droid 3 and Targa Get Leaky and Hit the Internet

Welcome back to the Motorola show! For the past few weeks the hype surrounding the Motorola Atrix, Bionic and Xoom has been slowing down a bit. What do you do? Well leak some new devices of course. Today brings the world a look at three new mobile toys out of Motorola’s camp. Pictures of the Droid X2 the Droid 3 and an unknown device that is being called the Targa, have surfaced on the interwebs and all I can think is same show. Howardforums user and seemingly one of Motorola’s leak mule wnrussell has posted some pictures of the three new devices, let’s take a look.


The Targa is the newest in the bunch. While the picture of the Targa seems to be a rendering of the device most are assuming this is very close to what it will look like when released, as renderings for the most part usually are. The Targa is surely a good looking device with a contoured top side to fit a double digit mega pixel camera, kind of like the Droid X minus the mega pixels. The backside of the Targa sports Verizon 4G branding, so there is no mystery there. The screen on this unreleased monster phone is presumed to be a 4 inch qHD screen. Expect front and rear facing cameras, the rear of which presumably being in the teens when it comes to mega pixels. Micro USB and Mini HDMI also show their faces on the Targa. Currently the release rumor on the Targa is slated for the holiday season, which may not come soon enough for Motorola.

Droid X2

Oh sequels, silly humans. The Droid X2 is pictured here is not a Droid X sent to fool all earthlings, it is said to be the DroidX2 or Daytona for short. Early 2011 some leaks of the Daytona started popping up on the internet. Verizon listed the Droid X as the ‘Old version’ obviously expecting a newer version soon. Just this month Daytona took a short stop over at the FCC for a check in. With these bits of information I can assure you a Droid X2 is on the way. But what’s new, is surely the question. So far the rumors point to a beefy refresh of the Droid X. A 4.3 inch qHD screen, 1GHz Tergra 2 dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 mega pixel rear facing camera can all be found on the Droid X2. A front facing camera, button placement and a few other questions still surround the Droid X2. But here’s to an excellent refresh!

Droid 3

OK, so sequels are one thing. But triquel’s are pure evidence of milking a good thing. Don’t get me wrong if there was ever something to milk it should be the Droid. The new Droid 3 pictured here is a little monster phones that all Droid lovers will appreciate. The screen on the Droid 3 looks to be a bit thinner than its original counterparts and will hopefully shed some weight because of it. While the details of the Droid 3’s specs are not confirmed we are hoping for the best. Currently the rumors sound like this. A dual core processor, Android 2.4 (potentially launch device), no MotoBlur (yea right) and a better QWERTY and a 4 inch qHD

 Screen round up what the Droid 3 should be. These rumored spec’s sound reasonable enough, outside of no Blur. Looking at the picture we can tell that the Droid 3 has a bit of redesign in general. So heres hoping to an amazing new Droid 3.

Which one tickles your fancy? (Yea I said fancy). But really though, if you are a Verizon customer with a thing for Motorola which one of the three will you be putting all your wishes behind? i would assume all three of these units will take advantage of Verizon’s LTE and use dual core proccessors to handle computing. A win- win for anyone.

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