The Droid X finally gets Official for July 15th

The rumors and hype can finally climax today, as Verizon and Motorola have officially put a date on their new bad boy the Motorola Droid X. The Droid X has been exposed numerous times in recent months, with small details, pictures and even videos leaking out on the new Droid X.

It seems that the rumors and speculations can finally be put to rest, as the official information on the Droid X is coming out of New York this morning. Seems that all of the news flying around on this phone in the past month or so has been spot on, but now the juicy details can be exposed. Verizons new Droid via Motorola will have an 850×480 4.3 inch screen, it will run the Android operating system version 2.1 and shows to have a new UI skin. The Droid X is carrying a TI OMAP3640 1GHZ processor, the Droid X is chalk full of other pretty standard goodies. The new Motorola Droid X is around 9.9mm’s thick and will come with an HDMI output, an 8 megapixel camera that is accompanied by two LED flashes, the ability to record video in 720p accompanied by 8GB of internal storage and can be maxed out by 32GB of external SD.  It is noted that the new Droid X will actually ship with a preinstalled 16GB SD card. The Droid X is taking a cue from the EVO and including mobile hotspot integration within the device, this allowing up to 5 wireless devices to connect via Wi-Fi.  

The Motorola Droid X is set to release on July 15th and sells for $200 with a new contract and after a rebate. If you would like to use the mobile hotspot feature with the Droid X this will run you an additional 20 dollars a month, and data would be capped at 2GB’s a month, check with your Verizon dealer for the data details.

But its finally here, Is the Droid X everything it was hyped up to be?

Will you be in line on July 15th waiting for the newest handheld robot from Motorola?

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