Motorola will not provide upgrade path for those who manually updated there Droid X to Froyo


In the world of Android there is such a thing as leaks. When the programmers for the Android device builders, get their hands on the Froyo build issued by Google, it takes them a little while to make sure the OS runs smoothly on their devices. This is essentially the reason for the long delays in between the time Google issues the build and your device actually receives it. Reasonably expected, while the time frame “kills” those who are waiting, it is indeed a much needed sacrifice.

Take for example HTC, EVO 4G users were long awaiting Froyo to there already amazing phones. A few short days before the release of the Froyo update, it seemed as if the build was leaked and available for download. Shortly after the release of the leak, HTC commented on the build and stated, that it was unstable and not the final version of the 2.2 update. While that was commendable on HTC’s part, the problem was that people already manually updated there EVO’s. So the Froyo update releases and the early adopters were somewhat stuck. But HTC however stepped up to the plate and offered an update to the early adopters. It took about a week but HTC took care of its EVO users. Oh and the reason most likely it took a little while to make the update for the early adopters, well they had to work on it. And this friend’s is seemingly the opposite of what Motorola is doing today.

About ten days ago the Froyo update for the Droid X leaked onto the interwebs and started a wild fire of manual updates. Shortly after that Motorola sent a cease and desist letter to the website that had the leak posted and it was ultimately taken down. Yesterday Motorola took their stance just a bit further by telling its Droid X early adopters where to shove there un-official Froyo update.  In posting within Motorola’s own support forums Motorola Matt stated the following;

WARNING: Do NOT load the leaked 2.2 upgrade that has been floating around on the Internets. There is currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load that will be released by early September. Unless you have some plan to flash your phone back to the current official load, you could be stuck on the leaked version.

If you manually update your Froyo with the initial leak, it may be time to figure out how to flash back to 2.1. But if you preformed the manual update and are running the “official-un-official” version of the update I’m sure you could care less.

This speaks volumes to your end users Motorola, eFuse now this. Tell us what you think of Motorola’s anti- super user policies, are you running a Droid and looking to HTC or others in the future?

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