Motorola’s New Droid RAZR Variations Spotted in China


The Motorola Droid RAZR became official on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour and minute in the year of 2011. This was a very unique and one of a king launch date for a very powerful and impressive smart phone. The Droid RAZR does more than bring the RAZR name back to the masses. It brings with it a new standard setting that most all smart phones launched after it will strive for. The bar has been raised a bit over the weekend and who better to hurdle the setting than Motorola themselves.

You may remember where you were or what was going on when you first caught a glimpse of the RAZR, I know I sure do. Shortly after (within 20 minutes or so) I was on my way to pick up the thinnest phone ever. If you remember the launch of the RAZR then you surely remember the variations. The original RAZR had many cousins, whether it was the V3m, the V3r, V3xx or countless other versions you knew it was amongst greatness. The newly announced slate styled touch screen Droid RAZR seems to be following the same fate. With the success of the original line did you think Motorola wouldn’t? New versions or variations of the newly announced Droid RAZR have shown face on the Chinese Twitter/Facebook styled website Weibo. The picture above shows the recently launched XT910 Droid RAZR to the far right. Far left shows us an almost Droid X’esq variation of the RAZR, the XT928 as it is called is what we’re seeing. This amazing new variation of the Droid RAZR is said to carry a CDMA2000 radio as well as Dolby Digital Plus features and approval. It also carries with it a 13 mega pixel camera. Ironically enough Engadget has pulled in some super spy shots of the XT928 in a coffee shop not far from Motorola’s headquarters. Talk of the Droid X3 shall commence! The other variation of the Droid RAZR can be found in the middle Stealers Wheel style. But of course is not surrounded by clowns or jokers. The middle variation is known as the MT917. It shows to be a bit more rounded off and sports TD-SCDMA radio technologies. While keeping a more ‘inline’ design with the original Droid RAZR this variation gets a slightly larger screen at 4.5 inches and that screen is said to carry a 1280×720 pixel resolution. Camera wise it is also expected to carry the same 13 mega pixel shooter that the XT928 is carrying. The frame of this improved variant has also been tweaked a bit carrying an additional 1mm to its thickness. With these variations showing face this early in the game I’m taking bets on how many variant of the new Droid RAZR line show up. While this information is purely rumor and far from official it will be interesting to see what comes of these new models.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think? Did you pick up a new Droid RAZR? Wish you waited? Some good looking new devices on the way, let us know what you think. But before you go check out all of our Motorola accessories here.

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