Original Droid gets Froyo before Droid X?

So it seems that some internal documents out of the Verizon Wireless camp have exposed some Froyo information for all Moto Droid loving desert eaters. We have been keeping you up to date on the recent developments surrounding Googles newest version of the Android operating system, Froyo 2.2. But recent details may surprise some Motorola Droid users.

Verzion and Motorola have teamed up and officially released their newest mammoth sized phone the Droid X. This new was brought to us yesterday by way of the Droid X event, which was simply Verizon and Motorola’s way of introducing their newest phone to the market. The Droid X is by far a competitor in the new market sporting 1GHZ processor and basically going toe to toe with the already established big boys the iPhone 4, EVO 4G etc. But one thing that was noticeably missed by the mobile community is the pesky update for the Android OS. When the rumors starting flying on the Droid X it was almost a given that Froyo 2.2 would be pre installed and this release would be the bench mark or would start the countdown to global Froyo updates. However we all have been let down. The new Droid X runs with Androids 2.1 operating system, or if you’re keeping tabs on your calories that would be an Éclair. This was disappointing to say the least, but hopes were high as the rumors of Froyo have been circulating and most were under the assumption that the Droid X would get its desert in just a matter of time. Well the internal document that surfaced on Droidforums.Com shows that the original Droid users will have this update before the Droid X can really even sink into the market. The document states that Droid X users will get the Froyo and Flash Player 10.1 update at some point in the latter half of the summer, or late August as the document reveals. That’s good and all, as the wait has been on for quite some time. But the document then goes on to state that the original Droid users will receive there updates this summer as well, however pointing to a July release.

Do keep in mind that this information is simply a leak from Verizon’s internal offices, so this is easily subject to change. And I could imagine once they catch wind of this being leaked it very well could, hopefully forcing the update sooner than later.

I for one think it was a typo, and or Verizon messing with our heads…however I have been wrong in the past.

Are you a Droid user? Does the Droid X intrigue your purchasing power? How badly do you want Froyo?

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