Motorola Droid comes to an end of life with the release of Droid X

With every beginning undoubtedly comes an end. But with every end, uncontrollably comes a new beginning, in this case the Droid X is pushing its little brother out.  When the original Motorola Droid released on November 6th 2009, there was a certain stigma or hype around the phone. Lines were formed and thousands of Verizon customers were eagerly awaiting the newest iPhone competitor to hit the market. If you were one of the thousands of users that either stood in line or couldn’t wait for the Droid, today will marked as a sad day.

On a leaked picture from Verizon’s internal database, comes some pretty sad information. The pictured leaked out of and insinuates that the Motorola Droid and a few other phones have reached their EOL. If you’re not familiar, EOL is an acronym for “end of life” or line depending on who you ask. So it looks like the OG Motorola Droid is seeing its last days on earth, and will most likely get in its space craft and go back to whatever planet it came from.  In the recent news we have seen some legends fall off the map, in the form of the Microsoft Kin’s and the Danger Sidekicks. While there are detailed back stories to those two models, it seems that the Motorola Droid is simply dying from old age and not some internal turmoil. On the EOL list that was leaked out of the aforementioned forum, there were about 8 other devices outside of the Droid that will be pulled from Verizon’s shelves. The list reads like a boring novel you had to read for English class. The Samsung Knack, Samsung Smooth, Samsung Intensity, and the Samsung Saga, are all on the chopping block, along with the Nokia Twist, a Gateway LT2016U net book, the Blackberry Tour 9630, and the Motorola Devour and obviously the famed Motorola Droid.

If you are a Verizon customer coming to the end of your contract, smile. This is an obvious indication that Verizon is making room for some new devices, and if the new Motorola Droid X is any indication of the “new standard” that Verizon may be pushing, then this will only get better.

If you use any of the phones on this list, don’t fret as it is most obvious that Verizon will still be offering support for the devices, as they will undoubtedly be pushing them on you in order to sell out the stock levels before the devices are physically remove.

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