Motorola Droid 2 will ship with Froyo?

In the world of the Android operating system, we come across deserts all the time. There were Donuts, Éclairs, cupcakes and now the whole Android world is waiting on the rich smooth creaminess, of what Froyo has to offer. But now all potential Droid 2 users will be getting the creaminess delivered pre-installed.

If you have seen the Droid X and are not fully convinced, or are a QWERTY loving user that will wait on the Driod 2 well the wait might just have become sweeter, literally. has come across some pretty interesting pictures of the new Motorola Droid 2 in the wild. The Droid 2 that is likely to release in August has been spotted in the wild by one of Droid-Life’s readers who actually had the chance to sit down with the Droid 2 for a few minutes and provide his take on the device. A quick picture of the “about phone” section of the yet to release Droid 2 confirms a lot for all of the interested parties. Some un-answered question, seemingly come into light with this leak. The Droid 2 found in these pictures is running Froyo 2.2, and is said to be sprinting with a 1GHZ processor. The Droid-Life reader stated that the Droid 2 is very similar to the Droid 1 that he is still using but is seemingly quicker on its toes. The lucky Droid-Life reader confirms the existence of Motoblur on the Droid 2 and states that it is very similar to the Motoblur skin found on the recently released Droid X. The reader also went on to state that the new Droid 2’s keyboard is exactly where it should have been with the first Droid. Go check out Droid-Life.Com for the full scoop on what their reader has experience with the new Droid 2.

When reading the information provided from Droid-Life’s reader, it seems that Motorola has really listened to their user base and made some changes to the Droid 2 that is sure to make original Droid users say “perfect” when the Droid 2 is in their hands.

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