The Motorola Droid 2

If you have been following along with the Motorola Droid saga, you may know there are some similar looking Motorola Droids that are in the wings waiting to fly. Currently the Motorola Droid X and the Motorola Droid 2 are floating around the internet with rumors circling them like the rings of Saturn.

The Motorola Droid 2 is to be the successor to the original Motorola Droid that released November 2009. The original Moto Droid was one of the first models to even be considered as an iPhone killer and took on a life of its own almost single handedly bringing the likes of Android to the masses. The original Motorola Droid did do quite well in the market and can still be found in the hands of millions. But with all things in the technology arena, it is to a certain extent a little outdated.

Enter the Motorola Droid 2, a Gizmodo reader has recently sent in some pictures and specs of the Droid 2 to the Gizmodo website. The Motorola Droid was supposedly spotted by the reader at an unnamed technology fair, where it was being shown off by a Verizon representative. The Gizmodo reader states that when asking the Verizon representative about the operating system he stated it will most likely ship with Android 2.2, or Froyo if you’re keeping up. The model pictured was said to be running Android OS version 2.1 with Motorola’s own Ninjablur. The Motorola Droid 2 is running a 1GHZ processor which is seemingly the standard for new smart phones as of recently. This Droid 2 comes to the public with a 5 Megapixel camera, micro SD, and 8MB of internal storage and sans the d-pad. The new Motorola Droid 2 does indeed still carry the keypad, a 3.7 inch screen, HDMI out and WiFi tethering.

The Motorola Droid two will be available on the Big Red network soon, will you be getting one?

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