Motorola Defy announced to T-Mobile

A while back some information leaked to the interwebs about a Motorola device that was code named Jordan. More recently the device has made a market name for itself as the Motorola Defy. Taking a look at the Motorola Defy a few weeks back, it proves to be one of the first rugged touch screen phones outside of the Motorola i1 which found its home on Boost Mobiles iDen network.  But it looks as if the amazingly rugged touch screen Android will be making its home under the wings of T-Mobile.

Today Motorola announced the new Defy to the world via a good old fashioned press release found on their website. But taking the exposure a step further the new Defy will make its public appearance on the Oprah show, the Oprah show? Are you confused? Well I’m not and it’s actually a very strategic move in my humble opinion. Oprah’s talk show attracts many women; most of these women are middle aged women with a husband and kids. Showing off a phone that can take a swim up to about three feet is surely going to impress these women who are constantly replacing either their kids new phone or their husbands new phone due to well…misuse. Drop a phone in the toilet, no problem, drop it off the top of a truck no problem. The Motorola Defy is surely changing the touch screen mobile game, with its military specs.

So the Motorola Defy has officially been announced for T-Mobiles network and carries specs to land it some decent sales. The new Defy will be a 3.7 inch WVGA touch screen device, running the Android OS version 2.1 and Motorola according to recent news surrounding the device is supposedly looking into the possibility of 2.2. The Defy’s military grade specs under IP67, makes the touch screen scratch and dust resistant, as well as making the device water proof up to three feet. With a 5MP camera and CrystalTalk PLUS it seems that the new Defy will surely be a very good entry level smart phone for the hard working and clumsy kids.  

Motorola has stated the new Defy will be available under T-MO by the holidays. So go watch Oprah today and let us know what you think!

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