Motorola Charm makes its official home at T-Mobile

Thanks to the TmoNews yesterday who showed us a blurry, out in the wild picture of the rumored Motorola Charm. We have seen this device rear its ugly head in the past. It was first noticed on T-Mobile training material; then again a picture of the Motorola charm was snapped on some promotional banners that you would expect to find in a normal retail store.

However news this morning brings the Motorola Charm to an official home and provides the world with a bit of release information. The standard designed Motorola Charm is of candy bar decent and sports an almost Q like line in shape. The Motorola Charm is sporting a 2.8 inch touch screen and while it does seem to be quite plump, looking at that full QWERTY key pad I can see why. The new Motorola Charm has a track pad that is reminiscent of its seemingly younger cousin the Motorola Backflip. The new Motorola Charm is running the Android operating system version 2.1 and the ever infamous Motoblur. The chunky little device comes equipped with a 3 mega pixel camera; it is Wi-Fi enabled and is capable of Flash browsing.

The Motorola Charm is expected to be available from T-Mobile sometime in the summer and if the advertisements spotted in the past are to be true you will most likely see this device on sale for next to nothing with a new contract.

When leaks of the model were coming to surface the new Motorola Charm seemed to have all the workings of a world class, mediocre smart phone. However with the combination of the square design, sleek dimensions and the full QWERTY laid out the way it is; do not be surprised if you see this model all over the place in the future. Couple its standard and ever popular design with its obvious free ninety-nine price tag this little Motorola Charm surely has the leverage to be everywhere.

Tell us what you think of the new Motorola Charm, does it look interesting to you?

Or will this be the next big flop out of the Motorola camp?

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