Motorola Charm Shows up again, headed to Telus

pic via IntoMobile

The Motorola Charm made some headlines in the recent past with its pictures and info leaking. The device was rumored and will still most likely, be headed to T-Mobile. But for now it looks like it will be making its way to Telus.

The Motorola Charm is an entry level Android powered smart phone that has some unique features not normally found on an old dog. From previous reports the Charm runs Android version 2.1 and will run Flash Lite. Other details include a QVGA touch screen display, a 3MP camera, Exchange, IMAP, POP3 and Gmail email. Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G standards are also included. IntoMobile.Com has had the chance to go hands on with the Motorola Charm and it looks fun to say the least. The Motorola Charm also sports a track pad on the back of the unit. Almost directly behind the phones screen, check the video if you don’t believe me. The track pad on the back of the phone has been seen on a different Motorola phone the Backflip and the idea is just now sinking in for me. It’s almost a paradigm shift if you really think about it. If you are holding a normal smart phone in your hand, you will need to release one of your hands to scroll or simply use the touch screen. With a track pad on the backside of the phone seems very impressive as releasing your hand will no longer be needed. Now I know it’s not that out of the way to take your hand off of your phone for a split second to scroll, but if you use your phone heavily consider this an efficient time saver.

Check out IntoMobile.Com going hands on;

So let me digress a little, as the idea of this back mounted track pad really seems ingenious to me. But the Motorola Blur running Charm is now available via Telus for a whopping 29.99 on a new three year contract.

Sound good to you?

Tell-us (pun intended?) what you think of the Motorola Charm!

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