Motorola CHARM battery issue spotted before the gate opens?

The news on the Motorola CHARM has not yet ended folks. We know that this most amazing super phone is one of the most impressive things Motorola has ever launched. Ok sarcasm aside this little Android Motorola CHARM may not be the super phone it may look like, but it is a solid little device in its own right. But battery issues seem to be plaguing the CHARM before it even had a chance to CHARM users. (Sorry it felt right)

In the past few weeks we have been hearing more and more about the Motorola CHARM. It was rumored leaked and downright exposed before T-Mobile and or Motorola could even announce it. But could these leaks have ensued a rush to exposure? The CHARM made its first unofficial appearance in early July. The charming Motorola CHARM is an Android 2.1 operating device that is not as fast as your super phone but will keep average users happy. The Motorola CHAMR runs MotoBlur, carries a 3 mega pixel camera, a 2.8 inch gorilla glass screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, supports up to 32GB of external memory and last but not least it houses a seemingly problematic 1170 mAh battery. Rumors out of TmoNews is suggesting that the release date on the new Motorola CHARM is going be delayed. The rumors out of the T-Mobile based website is stating that the CHARM has been experiencing some issues with the batteries performance and is considered enough of an issue that T-Mobile and Motorola will be pushing back the actual release date. The rumors state that the CHARM will be pushed back till August, and to further perpetuate the growing legend of the CHARM some insiders are considering the fact that Motorola and T-Mobile upon release of the device will issue extended batteries to patch the problem until an official fix can be administered.

We have seen extended battery ship with Motorola devices in the past, the Motorola Q being one of them, ironically enough the slender design of the CHARM is very reminiscent of the Q.

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