Is Motorola Building Mobile Operating System of their own?

New rumors and speculation surrounding the future of Motorola Mobility are pointing to a new Motorola made operating system. Motorola has made many great handsets in the past with other companies’ operating systems. After milking Android and Windows Mobile with some amazing devices it seems that the company will be looking a bit further into their future with their own web based operating system.  Adding options to the market and differentiating themselves from the crowd are surely at the helm of why.

Motorola Mobility has been recruiting engineers from the likes of Apple and Adobe to begin the venture into mobile operating systems. Gilles Drieu was the “Head of the Rich Media and Applications Group” over at Apple until his recent departure in 2010. Guess where he works now. That’s right; Drieu is now the VP of software engineering at Motorola Mobility. But that’s not all. Toss in a few ex Adobe engineers (which Drieu was coincidently) and the recent acquisition of 280 North and it all seems to make sense. But is it a competing OS or Super Blur?

Jonathan Goldberg, who is an analyst at Deutsche Bank in San Francisco, has put the pieces together about what he thinks is Motorola’s endeavor into the mobile operating system game. Goldberg was recently quoted by Information Week saying “I know they’re working on it”. Goldberg goes on to say “I think the company recognizes that they need to differentiate and they need options, just in case. Nobody wants to rely on a single supplier”.

As expected Motorola and the parties involved are keeping things quiet on this front as no one was available for comment. Makes sense, as before Android came along Motorola was notoriously working on multiple operating systems as once. It surely sounds like they want to solidify it first before scaring away their share holders. Goldberg stated “They don’t want to give Wall Street and developers the impression that they’re going back to the Motorola of old where they’re working on 50 million operating systems at once,”.

Personally I love the idea. More competition means more options for all of us who use mobile devices. Whatever Motorola Mobility is cooking up, you can bet it will cross with the tablet world as well. Just hopefully it’s not a cracked out version of Blur, which I guess wouldn’t be too bad with a few years of development behind it. Does any of this sound interesting to you?  Can a Motorola made operating system compete with the likes of Android or iOS? Does it sound right that Motorola would compete with the Android operating system they help make so popular? Is their idea to fall in line with their new web-top functionality? Let us know what you think of a Motorola Web based operating system.

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