A new Motorola Atrix video emerges online


Motorola came out swinging at CES this year. Three new devices were introduced to world, a tablet that goes by the name Xoom an amazing 4G HTC Thunderbolt that is set to take off soon and the Atrix which is surely the first attempt at truly shifting the smart phones place in our lives. If your unfamiliar the new Motorla Atrix can be docked to essentially an empty net book styled laptop and be used in seamlessly on a larger more eye friendly screen. The Motorola Atrix amongst a slew of others, features a dual core processor a 960 x 540 display, a fingerprint reader (yea), a 1930 mAh battery as well HD video recording capabilities.  

Today Motorola dropped a little video on Youtube showing off the some of the Atrix’s through its accessories. The Atrix has the ability to be put into “WebTop mode” which literally turns the pocket able pc into a laptop for your viewing pleasure. The new Atrix will also be a 4G device and is said to be heading to At&t in the very near future. But the question here is, is the Atrix a phone or a laptop or both? Is it the first physical step to a future without desktops? Take a look at Motorola’s first promo video for the Atrix and you be the judge.

As you can see when the Atrix is set into its laptop dock it turns into..well a full laptop experience that is powered from the phones internals. The laptop dock does not have any processors, memory it is nothing but a screen and a battery to take the Atrix to the next level. Further though out the video the Atrix is then docked into a HDMI compatible peripheral and paired to a compatible TV, simply giving the device the same capabilities but now on the TV in your living room. Oh and there is a remote.

I can see the future when I look into the Atrix’s eyes can you? Add the cloud based epidemic that will surely take over the world soon coupled with the premise of the Atrix and well I start to feel all gitty inside. Tell us what you think of the new Motorola Atrix and its “docking” capabilities. If there was ever an iPhone killer coming out of the Motorola camp the Atrix could surely be it. Here’s to the future!!

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