The Motorola Atrix 3 “Dinara” Shows Up for the Bell

The first Motorola Atrix was announced and shown off last year at CES to much fan fare. It was one of Motorola’s initial offerings for its lap dock revolution, it came with a built in biometric fingerprint scanner and was one of the first handsets in the world to rock a dual core chipset. As many moons have passed since the dawn of the original Atrix we have seen a second iteration that kind of fell by the way side, but its looks like it’s time for round three. The Motorola Atrix 3 aka Dinara is making its rounds on the interwebs and actually has shown face at the FCC.

Press shots of the Motorola Dinara showed face earlier this month and all anyone could think was Atrix 3. The Dinara name appeared earlier this year in some benchmarks that gave the handset some Snapdragon S4 processing power. Previously the Dinara popped before as the XT928 in November of last year and ultimately hit the shelves of China Telecom. This time around it looks like the Dinara will get its chance at the American dream with the likes of At&t.  Shortly after its press rendering leaks the Dinara showed up for a qualifying test at the FCC. The filing showed off its At&t LTE functionality along with its HSPA+ connectivity, WCDMA and EDGE connection abilities. The only other piece of goodness to leak out of the filing is its model name. The Atrix 3 aka Dinara will go by the name of MB886 in the more formal social settings however its presence at At&t is surely undeniable at this point. Unfortunately it seems that the leaky buck stops right about there. Original details from the XT928 China bound version of this device seem to be a good indicator at what to expect…maybe. Based on this, the Atrix 3 is expected to carry with it a more than capable 720p display and be powered by the likes of a Snapdragon S4 processor. More specifically we may expect a 1.2 GHz dual core processor that is backed by the likes of 1 GB of RAM and a 13 mega pixel camera (though unlikely in my opinion). Additionally the Atrix 3 will be running with the likes of Android version 4.0 and according to the Verge.Com could be ready for a release sometime around the date on its rendering, July 26th.

Anyone interested? No word on a reiteration of the finger print scanner but still looks like it may sum up to a pretty decent phone. And remember, the Atrix 2 was priced at one hundred bucks at the time of launch. So anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the newly un-announced Atrix 3. And remember folks, all the best Motorola accessories you need, we have.

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