Motorola delaying their Android tablet until “early next year”

Ahh the tablet wars. The race to catch Apple is seemingly becoming a finely tuned race that some manufacturers are taking sometime to jump into. We have watched the iPad come from a rumor to an international phenomenon seemingly overnight, but who will catch them? Will it be an Android tablet? (Of course) Well if it is it may not happen until early next year.

In recent news we have seen the like’s o f the Motorola Stingray -aka MOTMZ600- surface as being the Android running tablet that Motorola will use to attempt to compete in the tablet space. However it seems that Sanjay Jha the CEO of Motorola is playing this tablet conspiracy close to his chest. During the Deutsche Bank Tech Conference yester day, Jha went on the record saying, “I will only develop a tablet if it is sufficiently compelling. Hopefully, that is early next year.” This interpreted the wrong way could seemingly mean that the Motorola Android tablet is still not in development? I think not…

With recent developments covering the Android OS and its 3.0 version which would be optimized for tablets, speaks volumes of Motorola’s delay into the tablet world. This would also prove to be true in the case of the HTC tablet. This only makes sense as a tablet made to perform on 2.2 is surely not going to cripple, let alone compete with the iPad. So wait it out Motorola, 3.0 is surely on its way and if my theory is correct should be showing face toward the end of this year and will make all the OEM’s tablet dreams come true once it goes official.

Basically a real Android tablet competitor will not be seen until 3.0 is finished. So until that time Motorola, LG, HTC and whomever else we are waiting, but make sure they are EPIC!

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