Motorola’s Admiral Commands a Full QWERTY and a Touchscreen

Need more QWERTY options in your Android lifestyle? Well Motorola has what you need to keep your texts and email’s on point. With the launch of the Droid Pro, Titanium, Spice Key and XPRT you have many choices. When Motorola adds a touch screen to a full QWERTY keypad you get the best of both worlds, you don’t have to leave your buttons in the past, but you don’t have to suffer without the ease of touch screen navigation. As the popularity of these QWERTY devices stays true, it looks as if Motorola will be launching a new device with a similar form factor. The Motorola Admiral has been spied and ousted leaked into the great blue yonder.

The Motorola Admiral has been spotted in the past, first with just a name then shortly after with a rendering of its design that was accommodated with some of its features and specs. It then popped up again on an official Sprint YouTube video , check it out here.


The new leaks of the Admiral have given us the first look at the actual device as opposed to renderings. Its build and design are just as expected. According to the tipster who leaked these pictures and assumed specs to Engadget the Admiral’s government issues name is the XT603. So what can we expect? The initial rumors put a pretty impressive set of specs behind this new device, and the most recent leak does not seem to change any of these details. The Motorola Admiral runs the latest in Android version 2.3 and is skinned with Motorola’s own UI. That UI as you would expect is indeed what was once known as MotoBlur. Internally this little powerhouse runs a single core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM865 processor, comes with 4GB of internal memory, of which 1.4GB is user accessible and can of course be expanded with microSD memory. The Admiral, if you couldn’t tell by its name is Military 810G certified and can handle the worst the world has to offer with an ultra rugged build. The Admiral sports a 3.1 inch VGA touch screen and a huge 1860 mAh battery. It also sports a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash that can shoot video in 720p HD. The Admiral will also have Sprints new Direct Connect technologies, built in Wi-Fi Hotspot capabilities, GPS, corporate emails and calendars, as well as SMS and MMS abilities. According to the source that has handled the Admiral and leaked the pictures, it’s odd top heavy design feels a bit “awkward” when in use. But with those specs and that huge battery you can bet the Admiral comes with a ‘get it done’ attitude, actual results may vary!

Does the Motorola Admiral look like your next phone? It will most likely be available in the coming months and will be running on Sprint’s Now Network. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Motorola Admiral, but before you go check out Motorola accessories.

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