Even More Verizon iPhone Rumors!

Verizon iPhone rumors are like days of the week—they just seem to go and on in an endless cycle. However, since even the Wall Street Journal is saying that a Verizon iPhone is really on its way for early next year, the cycle might just get broken and whatever everyone really wants could finally happen. Don’t worry. I’ve got the latest batch of Verizon iPhone goodness.

Verizon Wireless is apparently hiring hundreds of new call center employees for its iPhone launch. The job posting says that “personal computers and portable devices like MP3 players and smartphones” will be part of the job. If that’s not a Verizon iPhone hint, I don’t know what is. (The listing was posted on CarreerBuiler.Com and did not reference Verizon)

At the same time, Apple is stepping up its game. That billion dollar media server system it is building? That will open by the end of the year. Just in time for when millions of new iPhone users start clamoring for their apps and media. You know Apple didn’t build the center because it expects to sell tons of Apple TVs. It is building the center for when AT&T loses its iPhone exclusivity deal and Verizon (and possibly others) get to finally sell iPhones.

With fresh hints that Verizon’s model of the iPhone will be a world phone and thus have a SIM card slot for when you are outside of the US, the same model will be able to work on T-Mobile and Sprint’s network as well. Of course, to do so you will have to jailbreak it first and then unlock it so you can select another carrier. Even if Verizon’s first iPhone offering is not a world phone, the iPhone 5 that will come out around the middle of 2011 should be.

How Verizon will sell both Android powered smartphones and iPhones at the same time might be a tricky issue. Verizon has been heavily promoting Android because right now, it is the best non-Apple smartphone operating system out there. That’s Android’s pitch. It’s like an iPhone that works on carriers besides just AT&T. How well that pitch works when Verizon has iPhones in their stores remains to be seen. Are they going to keep flooding our televisions with Android smartphone advertisements? Money doesn’t grow on trees so one is going to get considerably more ad dollars than the other.

Tell me your thoughts on this. A Verizon iPhone really really coming out this time? What will Verizon do with all of its Android smartphone partnerships? It is going to keep selling them, but things might not be quite as rosy as they once were.

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