Strange Monoliths Appear in AT&T Stores

Here is a very interesting piece of news. Apparently, strange monolith-like displays are being set up in AT&T stores across the country. What they contain or will contain remains a mystery. AT&T is reportedly threatening to fire any of its store employees who joke about what might be inside, and the store employees themselves have no idea what the monoliths are about. Due to the color scheme, the font, the “innovate different” slogan on one side and AT&T’s “rethink impossible” on the other, this certainly could be something Research In Motion (RIM) has cooked up in preparation of the rumored but expected August 15th launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9800.

RIM and AT&T have set up an exclusive media event on August 3rd, which might mark the official announcement of the BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6. Not to mention BlackBerry App World 2.0 or to address the rumors about the BlackBerry Tablet (codenamed Cobalt or BlackPad) and the Storm 3, which are both expected to support video conferencing. Hopefully, RIM decides to give us a sneak peek and give us an idea of what these devices will be capable of and an idea of how RIM has learned from its touchscreen blunders of the past to make sure that the user experience will be an exciting one.

As for why everyone seems to think that the mysterious monoliths are related to the BlackBerry, their color schemes are strikingly similar to the new color scheme that OS 6 has. RIM realizes that as it tries to push forward against its progressively stronger competitors in the smartphone market, it needs to change everything. Even the way its phones are perceived.

Hopefully we will get a sneak peek of the marketing materials that talk about the monoliths. It certainly would be interesting to see exactly how they are going to play out into the branding process for RIM. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that RIM has gotten touchscreens right this time.

Have you spotted one of these monoliths? Think you know how they are going to play out?

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