The Monoliths in AT&T Stores are Revealed

The strange monoliths that appeared in AT&T stores have finally been unveiled–yes, they are for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Didn’t hear about them or see them? Here is the initial story.

So what exactly are these monoliths and how do they fit into Research In Motion’s (RIM) marketing plans? Inside of the monoliths are a literally glowing display with the new Torch in the center. Behind the new smartphone is a display showcasing what the newest BlackBerry and its all new BlackBerry OS 6 operating system is capable of. Unfortunately, the Torch does not go on sale until the 12th of August, so you will have to wait to get your hands on one.

RIM is taking a very futuristic approach to the media parts of its marketing strategy and we will have to wait to see if it will work. The strange, glowing displays, the new colors, etc. all might get lost in the hubbub of the Android OS-based smartphone commercials and the advertisements pushing Windows 7. Then again, RIM’s customers are certainly smart enough to not get confused. However, when a company is trying to re-brand itself as an innovator instead of a follower like it was with the Storm series and the decision to stay with physical keyboards, the marketing strategy might not work like they hope.

Hopefully, customers are excited for the new Torch 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6. If they are not, RIM is in serious trouble. Also, the decision to exclusively launch on AT&T–the same carrier that Apple’s iPhone is on–could work for or against RIM. The entire ‘Antennagate’ mess that Apple is still dealing with might convince iPhone customers with older models that the iPhone 4 was shoddily built. They may not want to risk the chance of becoming one of the few who have had to return their iPhone 4 multiple times. RIM however, has had quality issues in the past. I am sure that many readers at least know someone who has had a problem with their BlackBerry, if not themselves.

Were you hoping that something a little more grand than a 9800 Torch display would be in the monoliths? So was I, but at the back of our minds we knew that what was probably in them. RIM has started showing its cards and the question is, are you impressed? Let me know.

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