Mobile Banking on BlackBerry

Ever do any banking on your BlackBerry? If not, you are missing out. The BlackBerry is arguably the most secure smartphone available outside of expensive custom phones so why not make things easier for yourself. There are mobile banking apps available for free from most major banks in the country.

Here is a quick list of banks that have apps (not guaranteed to be complete, so if you do not see your bank on the list, do a little Google searching or call them up and ask, and then let us know if we missed one)

-          Wells Fargo (bought Wachovia last year)

-          ING Direct

-          MeriWest Credit union

-          Chase

-          Bank of America

-          M&I

-          Keybank

All of the apps let you find ATMs and/or branches nearby through your BlackBerry’s GPS or a zip code and while some allow you to do everything you would need to through the application, others launch you into your bank’s mobile site.

Your bank not on the list and no app offered? No worries, check out the MobileBanking app available from RIM’s BlackBerry App World. The app allows you to, “view your account balances, account history, make transfers, and pay bills” from anywhere and supports dozens of banks. Plus, you can manage your accounts at multiple banks on it. The app is free, so why not try it out?

Managing banking from a smartphone is certainly high-tech and will make you appear far more important than you actually are. While your friends have to go to an ATM to check their balances on the go, you can just whip out your BlackBerry to manage everything and give everyone the impression that you are a Wall Street executive. The next thing you know, you will be asked to testify before congress on the financial crisis. Just kidding on the last part, but it certainly does feel liberating to not have to walk to an ATM and wait in line just to know if you are broke or not.

Are you into mobile banking? Instead of an app, would you just prefer to do your banking through a mobile version of your bank’s website? Still do not trust ever entering bank account information into a cell phone? Let me know what you think.

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