Mobile Ad Wars! Apple Winning

Apple’s iPhone dominates mobile advertisement impressions. Don’t believe me? Millenial Media–a leading independent mobile advertisement platform company– is reporting that the iPhone has a firm 55% of all mobile ad impressions. Also, Android has moved into second place at 19% and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones have fallen to 16%. With Apple’s iAd platform slowly working its way out, this might jump even higher.

So how does the news affect the mobile world? Well, Apple might become the next Google (I know, that sounds really funny) and start leveraging its muscle to become the leader of mobile advertisements. Just think about the potential of Apple controlling the advertisements on every smartphone platform. Sure, it’s a scary thought, but it’s possible.

Of course, this news does not bode well for either RIM or Nokia, which if you remember still hold the number one and two spots worldwide for smartphones in use. Nokia keeps losing market share and the BlackBerry is facing bans in quite a few countries if it doesn’t get some issues with user privacy and encryption sorted out. Lets hope that both of these companies get their stuff together, Nokia makes some smartphones people want and RIM gets developers to make it some apps.

Regardless of how important you feel the mobile ad impression metric is, you have to admit that these are some stunning numbers. 55%? Really? I guess iPhone users just love to use their smartphones to browse the internet. Their appetite for apps is also massive.

Also, keep in mind that Android is steadily gaining market share and ad impressions. This could take a big chunk out of Apple’s but will most likely cannibalize RIM and Nokia even more.

Think that these numbers are inflated? How about them iAds? Anyone see of them yet? Is Google going to lose the mobile ad war? Let me know what you think about all of this by dropping a comment.

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