Microsoft’s Free Employee WP7 phones had a hidden agenda

On Wednesday of this week some information came crawling out of Microsoft. There was an internal memo, or email that was surely not missed by the Microsoft employees, the email was sent from Andy Lees, he is Microsoft’s VP of all things mobile. The email basically said that all Microsoft employees will be getting a free WP7 phone. But what was not mentioned until today, is the evil genius behind the idea.

Microsoft is a very large company, employing over 90 thousand employees. According to information coming from Microsoft, there are two important reasons as to why their employees get these new phones, and on of them is not simply because they appreciate them. The mobile industry has somewhat turned into a branded induced market, while raw ‘skills’ don’t need to make the sale alone, and appearance and popularity are the real key to success. Microsoft may have not issued these phones merely on the fact they love their employees (which I’m sure they do) but rather using their in house resources to get there new toys into the hands of 93k people without even selling a single unit. It’s known that Apple and Google issued their flagship smart phones to employees as well. Microsoft has seen the light and followed suit, however, a recent officially issued letter literally lays out why there employees have received the phones.

The first part of this internal letter is telling their employees to “MAKE IT PERSONAL”, basically saying “USE IT!”. It goes on to let their employees know that there are many things they can do as the company is heading into its launch. “Understand the unique value of Windows Phone 7 and evangelize to your customers, partners, friends and family!” This translating into sell our stuff, after insisting evangelizing your family, Andy Lees addressed his software engineers to begin programming applications in their free time, “In addition, we’ve introduced a new employee developer program which makes it much easier for you to develop apps for Marketplace in your spare time.”

Looks like Microsoft is not playing around with this new WP7.

Taking it to the streets 93k strong!

Tell us what you think, is this a survival tactic, would this letter be issued if Microsoft’s mobile division was on the up and up, sound off let us know.

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