Microsoft and WP7: When in Doubt, Spend a Billion Dollars


Microsoft has a tried and true strategy when launching products—when in doubt, spend billions. Who needs things like features, reliability or a comprehendible user interface when you can just drop an uppercase ‘b’ worth of dough into advertising? Not to say that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) lacks anything or is difficult to use, but Microsoft is not taking any chances.

According to All Things Digital, Microsoft is indeed going to spend nearly a billion dollars on advertising alone for WP7. That’s not all either getting sunk into the advertising budget. The company’s new ‘Kinect’ motion controller for its Xbox 360 console will get nearly half a billion to itself for advertising. Don’t think tossing money around like it’s no tomorrow is an effective strategy? It certainly worked with the Xbox and Xbox 360 so why not with WP7?

Part of the WP7 marketing efforts look like they will include some type of social media component. Cue the Old Spice Man. Yeah, Isaiah Mustafa has shown up in a video where he talks about himself (his shtick Old Spice used quite effectively) and how he is traveling Down Under for WP7. Love or hate the Old Spice Man (I think I can safely assume most love him), Microsoft might have a winner on its hands with this campaign. Provided they don’t drop the ball. You know, like they did when realized they needed to update WP7 in January to add copy and paste…

Without further delay, the Old Spice Man for your viewing pleasure:

Do you think social media is an effective marketing tool? A billion dollars a bit too much to be spend on advertising a smartphone platform? WP7 have a chance? Old Spice Man to the rescue? My answer is yes, no, yes and possibly. What’s yours?

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