Microsoft’s Street Slide just stepped it up, Hey Google check this out

Microsoft is in the news lately has the whole industry is anticipating its launch of WP7 and the goodies that will derive from it. In their gitty anticipation Microsoft is showing off their new Street Slide application that is making Google Street View look, well… outdated.

If you have ever found yourself looking at Google Street view to get a better picture of where your headed, then you are most likely aware that when you zoom in further or down the street for example you lose resolution and your reading glasses need to come out. But with Microsoft’s new Street Slide you can see the location your are looking for as well as the whole street it is on, and the application will even let you ‘Slide’ for the several blocks down the street. When using Google’s Street view you can surely remember the arrows that take you “a couple” steps down the street, this doesn’t seem to be too efficient and Microsoft noticed. With the new Street Slide you can zoom out of the area you are in and view one side of almost the entire block the searched location is on. With the nature of the design when zooming out, the street is viewed in a panorama scene and gives ample space to save locations and addresses as well as show off logos of nearby stores, essentially giving the user a broad range of what’s around them. If the user wanted to view the other side of the street, a simple click of an icon at the bottom of the view will make this possible. Other features show block number for quick access to view the address you need to be at, as well as a map feature in the bottom right that is fully accessable and will show you exactly where you are on the map.

Check out the video posted on Youtube for a full walk through. I’m highly anticipating this app as Google Street View is only so helpful and I usually avoid using it.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of this new Street view, sorry I meant Street Slide.

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