Microsoft beings rolling out Nodo Update to WP7 Users

Microsoft has been fine tuning their Nodo update and has seemingly started rolling the update out to customers. It’s been a long time coming with this update, but it seems that it is finally here. So WP7 users bust out your devices and get your update on as you will not want to miss this update. The name of the update Nodo is rumored to be a stab at Android’s third update which was nick named Donut. A Microsoft employee tweeted a while back that this was not a stab at Android rather based off of the lack of Donuts at an internal meeting. But were sure you can pick your own side on that. But what should you expect from Nodo? Well a bunch actually. Let’s take a look.

Windows Phone 7 version 7.0.7 will finally bring its users to the forefront of the technology world with copy and paste functionality (sarcasm). It’s been the brunt of WP7 jokes since day one. The jokes are over now as copy and paste will now be available to WP7 users. All you need to do is simply tap a word, drag some arrows, tap a copy icon and paste it wherever your heart desires. While this copy and paste addition is the most notable, you wouldn’t expect MS to stop there would you?

 Other updates within Nodo include some goodies. Apps and games should be opening a bit faster and take less time to ‘resume’ from being paused, which is always a good thing. The WP7 market place gets an update in regard to its search. The marketplace search icon will only display applications within the section you are browsing. For example if you’re looking at some games and tap search the results will only display as games. Apply this to any section of the market and you get the idea. Other updates to the WP7 marketplace include improved stability and experience, from downloading larger applications to upgrading from free to pay.

WP7 Wi-Fi gets an update. The update will allow WP7 devices to show the phones MAC address in the settings. This allowing user the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks that use MAC address filtering Microsoft lifted the limit on Wi-Fi profiles you could save to your phone as well.

Outlook will get an update allowing users to view photos from “non-Exchange-based email account[s]”. This means Hotmail, Gmail etc.

Receiving MMS messages just got a bit better with the Nodo update, assuming of course “your phone uses a PIN-locked SIM.”

The Facebook experience and syncing has been improved with the Nodo update as well as “improved stability of switching between camera and video modes.”  Within the phones camera app. You can also expect an improvement on the Bluetooth experience when you’re listening to music or watching video when making calls.

But there you have it folks the updates from the notorious Nodo update. Was it all you expected? Check out your Settings then Phone update to see if your Nodo is available. Let us know what you think of the new update as well. If you need the full list of improvements or the ‘how to’ on getting your updates check out, and let us know how it goes.

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