Microsoft’s Mango is ripe and shipping to OEM’s


Mango’s for all! Coming soon to a WP7 device near you. When Microsoft decided to ‘revamp’ their mobile operating offerings the general consensus was…finally! However, when initial devices began showing up around the world it was evident that the new platform WP7 was lacking in a few areas that its competitor were thriving in. Microsoft continued to press on in their quest to regain some share in the mobile sector and started to improve. While these improvements were just what the doctor ordered, they were nowhere to be found on existing devices. The update that all WP7 users are looking for is called Mango. This update is to set the OS straight and bring it onto the same playing field as iOS and Android. But when will the Mango’s be ripe? Well some news out of Redmond today brings a glimmer of light to the fruitless WP7.

Just incase you may not understand how this works companies like Google and Microsoft spend countless hours perfecting the newest releases of their operating systems. Whether its fruit or deserts the OS is built up by the company and then issued to its manufacturers like LG, Samsung and many others. Once the OEM’s get their hands on the OS, they optimize it for their phones and begin shipping them. If the updated OS is making its way to the OEM’s it means the update is immenitnt. Mango has made its way out of the Redmond gates!

Microsoft has confirmed that Mango is shipping to its OEM’s on its Windows Team Blog Monday. The RTM build of Mango is ready to go. RTM means release to manufacturer in case you were scratching your head. This is a pretty large step in the final release of the operating system, Microsoft goes on to say “This marks the point in the development process where we hand code to our handset and mobile operator partners to optimize Mango for their specific phone and network configurations,” . Mango is said to bring over 500 new and exciting features to WP7 users including Internet Explorer 9, deep social integration, linked inboxes that will allow for viewing of multiple email accounts in one inbox, along with voice to text and text to voice features. With over 500 enhancements it’s hard to list them all but WP7 is turning out to be pretty impressive. Imagine a phone that is integrated with itself, meaning jumping from app to app is not needed anylonger because these apps share a common goal. That goal you ask? To keep you seamlessly connected of course. Check out this video of Mango in action to catch my drift. While Mango has not made it to any consumer end phones it is expected to begin rolling out on new devices in September and ready to hit current WP7 phones a bit sooner in August.


So let us know what you think of the new Mango release from Microsoft! Any WP7 users out their looking forward to this release? I know you are. Sound off in the comments and let us know why WP7 is a force to be reckoned with!

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