Death of your KIN?

It’s been a fun ride; you have stolen the hearts of teenagers everywhere and you are about to break them in half, ok maybe not that serious. The users involved could get over the fifteen minute delay in notification updates just as long as you kept them in the “loop”.

The Microsoft kin series devices have a great idea built into their structure. The Kin keeps you connected to your social networks and adds features to help that happen with a sense of ease not found before (or at least that’s what Microsoft thought). So why is the death of the Kin already imminent? The Kin One and Kin Two are the byproducts of Microsoft buying Danger (of Sidekick fame), the two phones were release in May of 2010 and are already seemingly falling off of the radar, but not by natural causes. Sources within Microsoft have claimed that the Kin’s scheduled release for the European makets has been cancelled and the device has been brought into the Windows Phone 7 team. Microsoft’s official statement feels as if they have big plans for the Kin line, stating they will be canceling the Kins euro release and “we are integrating our KIN team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from the KIN into future Windows Phone releases”. The quote goes onto say that Microsoft will continue to work with Verizon within the US in regard to the KIN. So if you are indeed a US based KIN user no need to fret just yet as the phone and support should still be available for some time.

As more and more news of the Microsoft Kin’s death reveals itself you have to wonder exactly went wrong. Personally …I don’t care, and reading further into this issue will make ones head spin, as it is slightly obvious there was some internal issues with the whole plan surrounding this phone. Good luck with this Redmond, I hope it all works out, which it should if WP7 is implemented.

Do you own a KIN let us know how you like it

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