Microsoft Kin update

If you are a Kin user you may be wondering to yourself why I have not seen an update. With all the news flying around about Froyo, and iOS 4 some Windows Mobile users might left asking themselves, what about us?

Well my Kin user, your time has come. Or will come very soon. Recently there have been some concerns with the Kin’s functionality.  These issues range from the Kin simply shutting down, not giving the user the option to reply to a “tweet” or simply comment within the Twitter application. These issues have been posted by a Kin Two user within the Microsoft support forums. A moderator of the forum replied stating that there is indeed an update in the works for the Kin One and Kin Twos, the much need update should be made available by midsummer and will according to the moderator Mike M address some of the concerns laid out by this particular end user. Other complaints surrounding the Kin One and Kin Two’s are its ability or lack thereof to access YouTube videos.

The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two were at the time of their launch going to “change” the way you socially networked from your phone. By all means I assume they have done just that, as issues with the Kin line have not made headlines since its release, and seem to be doing good to say the least.  

Are you a Kin user?

Let us know about the issues plaguing your Kin One or Kin Two

Are you looking forward to this rumored update?

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