Microsoft Shows off some gaming for WP7’s future

If there is one thing we know Microsoft is good at its gaming via the acclaimed Xbox. But if you couple that with their legendary Windows Mobile operating system, well the result should be heavenly coming from a gamer. Well folks, I’m a gamer and the small part of WP7’s market place that has just been exposed surely has me smiling.

Yesterday Microsoft showed the world –or whomever was paying attention- a little insight as to what there app store will look like when it comes to gaming. Thinking of WP7 as an “from the ground up” operating system you may think that developing good gaming apps would take some time. Well check this out. The mobile OS has not been officially released and there are already around 62 different titles in the market place, assuming as well that some currently being developed were no finished in time for this release. Microsoft has introduced the “first wave” of gaming apps for their new OS and it looks impressive to say the least. With games like Splinter Cell Conviction, Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed and even the less demanding games are included like UNO, Solitaire etc. So whether you are a hard core gamer or a casual gamer who likes to pass the time with a shuffle of a deck, WP7 has gaming apps. The new WP7 phones will give its users the ability to connect to their Xbox live account and allow users, to earn XP points, and even test games before purchasing them. Check out for a full rundown of how Xbox live will sync to your WP7 device.

With more games on the way, it surely is evident that Microsoft will be using the gaming space to “hit” the younger crowd to further perpetuate the WP7 line up, and I for one am sure it will work.

I’m very interested in seeing some of these games in action, You?

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