Microsoft Celebrates WP7 with the Death of iPhone and BlackBerry

Some weird news out of Microsoft’s Redmond, VA campus—employees at the company celebrated the release to manufacturing of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) by performing a mock funeral for the iPhone and BlackBerry this past Friday afternoon. Yeah. Complete with giant sized mockups of an iPhone and a BlackBerry which were transported around in hearses. Oh, and they did Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance which has shown up on YouTube of course. Hmm. Anyone else think the company’s employees might have gone off the deep end while working like slaves to make a mobile version of Windows that people want?

While I am sure that the Microsoft team working on WP7 certainly felt good reason to celebrate—albiet in a kind of bizarre way—the truth is that Microsoft has already been marginalized in the smartphone game. Research In Motion (RIM), who makes the BlackBerry, might be having trouble at the moment, but it has far more market share than Microsoft in the mobile realm. I simply have to laugh at the proverbial burial of the iPhone, as Apple has managed to kick Microsoft around with near whim in everything mobile.

Don’t get me wrong. WP7 certainly looks better than previous offerings from Microsoft. Its minimum technical requirements are quite impressive. Microsoft also has tons of money to throw to developers to make apps for the platform. Even the PC version of Windows 7 is a massive improvement over Windows Vista. However, Apple and RIM are probably not even bothering to pay much attention to what Microsoft is working on right now. What everyone is talking about (and what Microsoft should have figuratively laid to rest) is Google’s Android OS.

So, my question for you Android/BlackBerry/iPhone fans, is what you think of the show Microsoft put on? A little annoyed that Microsoft would do something like this? Android fans feeling a little slighted that their OS has already shot into the top spot in terms of market share in the US and it did not get a mention?

Here is the Thriller video:


Tell me what you think in the comments.

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