How Would You Feel If Microsoft Buys RIM?

The comparisons between Research In Motion (RIM) and Palm have already started. A couple interesting articles by Dan Frommer from Business Insider that I have read recently hint that he thinks Microsoft should and may purchase RIM in the near future. To be honest, both Microsoft and Apple have enough money socked away to purchase RIM outright. I really doubt Apple wants anything to do with RIM, but Microsoft’s mobile vision and RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone just seem to keep butting heads.

Microsoft and RIM both compete for corporate clients. Microsoft’s Exchange system and strong focus on business technologies have put its Windows Mobile platform against RIM’s BlackBerry and related supporting technologies. Just think of how much easier it would be for companies to manage their IT needs if everything was Microsoft branded. BlackBerry Enterprise Server could become a part of Microsoft’s server offerings after being re-branded and modified. Let’s be honest here: it kind of makes sense for Microsoft to buy RIM. But does it make sense for non-corporate BlackBerry users to stick with RIM after a Microsoft acquisition?

Do you want a Microsoft BlackBerry? Microsoft has been striking out all over the place over the past few years with all of its mobile offerings. Zune included. Would RIM’s expertise make sense to add to the team or is Microsoft’s mobile division too far out of the loop for anything to help at this point?

As for the Palm and RIM comparisons, Frommer thinks that the Torch 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6 feel like comparing the old Palm to the first iPhone. Sure, they both have touchscreens, but uh… Perhaps the most striking comment from Frommer was his claim that, “It’s just that it [the Torch] doesn’t work on the same level as iPhone and Android. It’s as though the RIM designers had seen videos of the iPhone and Android, so they knew who to copy, but didn’t use their rival devices for long enough to know how slick and powerful they felt.” Okay, he doesn’t think RIM can make it, but how do you feel? Is OS 6 and the Torch just a RIM styled copy of iOS and Android?

Tell me what you think. I know you have some strong feelings on this.

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