Where Are the microSD Slots on WP7 Smartphones?


Windows Phone 7 is upon us and those hidden microSD card readers actually providing the internal storage in many of the models are being revealed. The best part about microSD cards powering WP7 smartphones is that you can swap out the 8 or 16 GB card that came with your phone for something bigger without much technical know how. Provided the smartphone model you have doesn’t have its microSD slot hidden deep inside.

The HTC HD7 has a pretty easy microSD card reader to mess around with and the Samsung Focus has one that isn’t even hidden (it’s next to the battery). The HTC 7 Mozart however, needs some serious taking apart to find its microSD. So far, the HTC 7 Trophy doesn’t look to have a hidden slot (though leaked technical documents state that it does) and neither does the Samsung Omnia 7. Does every WP7 smartphone actually use a microSD card for internal storage or is it only certain models? Some are speculating that it is cheaper for manufacturers to use internal microSD readers instead of NAND flash memory.

The microSD slot issue is important because side-by-side comparison of the HTC Trophy 7 and the Samsung Omnia 7 by EverythingWM shows the Trophy 7 as considerably slower loading apps.  This linked to the microSD slot that may or may not be hidden inside of it? microSD is slower than flash memory which might be the real reason behind this.

Microsoft’s decision to give strict guidelines for manufacturers regarding technical specifications for WP7 smartphones may have backfired. If some WP7 devices are found to not have microSD cards working as internal storage and they run faster than WP7 devices with microSD internal storage despite having the same processors, many customers will be disappointed. It is like promising a racecar but delivering a sports car. Seriously.

While we wait and find out how this all plays out, keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully the performance issues in the Trophy 7 are unrelated to its use of microSD. A software update might be needed.

So, are you going to swap out the microSD card in your WP7 smartphone? I wonder how high they support. Anyone feel like a 32 GB HD 7? I like the idea of removable, internal storage, but if microSD causes performance issues, please, keep it out of my smartphone.

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