MetroPCS launches LTE in Fort Worth Texas

Just a few weeks ago Metro PCS came to the party ready to play, announcing the official launch of their LTE network in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well today the LTE roll out continues and MetroPCS is officially flicking the switch in the Fort Worth region of Dallas Texas. Go grab them spurs and that cowboy hat cause MetroPCS is making some quick moves.

MetroPCS is not necessarily known for its legendary  service. As the fifth largest cell phone provider in the states, is better known for its amazingly low prices. However all that may soon be a changing, even the prices thing – maybe. The CDMA based company has made there LTE official with the recent launch in Vegas. Next stop Dallas. All MetroPCS users in the Fort Worth area can buck up with their Samsung Craft’s and get the amazing data speeds their ponies have been dreaming of all along.  For a mere $60 bucks a month you can experience downloads at 100 Mbps, pretty impressive.

Unfortunately however, the launch of this new network is surely at a standstill as the company has announced only one compatible device with the roll out of the network. The Samsung Craft is an entry to mid level smart phone that boasts only the LTE factor and shows to sport a pretty lackluster core processor.

So are you a MetroPCS customer with LTE stars in your eyes? Keep a look out because you may soon get your chance. In Vegas or the Fort Worth area? Let us know how your LTE connection is working on that pretty little Craft of your’s.

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