LG’s G Flex Shows Off it’s Curves


The LG G Flex shows off its curves for the camera! LG has hit the headlines once again with their flexible screens being the heated topic. This time however we have glimpse into what LG’s first commercially available flexible device may look like. Unbreakable, bendable, curved and sometimes even awesome are just a few words that describe the forth coming onslaught of flexible handsets. Bendable touch screens have been the promise of the future from companies like LG and Samsung for quite some time now. Currently the idea allows super thin LCD to be flexible and built into ‘curved’ housings, but the future of the technologies can reach as far as your imagination.

G_Flex_1Recently LG and Samsung announced they were at a launching point for their first round of flexible touch screens. Back in May LG demoed a 5 inch unbreakable OLED display and a few months later in early October the company announced they would be unveiling a 6 inch smart phone the following month. So, if you’re keeping tabs the G Flex was expected to be revealed in a few short weeks sometime in November. Luckily for the world, keeping secrets this big is nearly impossible with the likes of the interwebs! Engadget has gotten their hands on not one, but three renderings of the device and a small bit of information that further confirms the devices launch will take place sometime next month. Unfortunately however the good stuff kid’s go for has not leaked. The price, specifications and availability has yet to be determined. However if the interwebs continues to be kind to us this information will surely surface to the top before launch day. The pictures we see before us clearly show that LG’s G Flex has a distinct curve to its design, quite the opposite to Samsung’s Round. Additionally the source of the leaky pictures has also confirmed that the G Flex will sport a 6 inch screen confirming previous rumors.

Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think of curved devices and LG’s latest rumor. But before you run be sure to check out all the best in LG accessories today.

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