LG’s New Android running Optimus Series

LG has published a press release as of Monday July 5th launching their new line up of phones. The new Optimus series line is the newest set of Android phones to hit the market and overall seem to be impressive.

The LG Optimus line is a set of Android running smart phones that are sure to impress high and mid level users. Optimus deriving from Latin meaning ‘best’ will be setting the stage for LG’s official dive into the Android market. LG has launched very few Android operating phones, the LG Ally from Iron Man fame being the most visible or readily available. However with the news from Monday this is all set to change, the new Optimus line up from LG will range from entry level smart phones to the new standard of premium level smart phones. LG plans on launching “approximately 10 new smart devices” throughout the world by the second half of the year. All the devices launched will be under the Optimus moniker and will serve any user in any category. With extensive user based research in tote, the President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company Dr. Skott Ahn stated ““At LG, we believe in providing the public with many different choices because unlike the users of some of our competitors’ phones, our customers are not all alike.”

The two models that are lined up for a release date under the new Optimus line up are LG Optimus One and the LG Optimus Chic, both models running the Android OS and are stated to ship with the ever popular Android 2.2 or Froyo. The LG Optimus One is set to impress the growing “power phone” market with its easy to use, user interface. The LG Optimus Chic is slated to provide “tasteful design incorporating soft and smooth lines” to the fashion minded enthusiast.

A release date (other than the second half of the year) and a carrier was not mentioned within the press release, however we are sure you can see these LG phones released in the very near future and

Be on the lookout for a new Android running LG phone and tell us what your initial thoughts are.

Will you be looking to pick up a new LG Optimus?

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