LG ready to launch a few WP7 phones by the end of the year

Not much has been heard of lately from LG, the company has been pumping out mid to entry level Androids and further sticking to proprietary releases with the smaller non smartphones found pretty much everywhere for next to nothing. But it seems as if LG has been bitten by the prospect of WP7’s success as well.

Recently At&t stated they will be the premier carrier for WP7 devices, but word from Microsoft does not make that official. At this point the only official word from Microsoft is the manufacturers that get to produce WP7 devices. LG being one of them seemingly cannot wait for the day, saying essentially that they are ready. Microsoft has stated in the past that the world can expect WP7 devices on shelves and ready for consumption before the holidays (perfect timing right) and LG is right on target with that time frame. A representative from LG, Ken Hong was quoted in regard to WP7 hardware saying “We have a deep relationship with Microsoft so expect to have a couple by the end of this year”. The time frame from LG coincides with what has leaked in the past about the holiday release, so at this point there is almost no doubt that the world will see WP7 around the same time Saint Nick creeps down your chimney.

With LG not doing so good in recent years, you can almost smell the excitement coming from the company, as good working WP7 phones could potentially put them “back” on the map.

LG is ready Microsoft, are you?

Tell us what you think; Is LG still viable in the smartphone market?

Will you be interested in a WP7 phone made by LG?

Sound off and let us know.

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