LG’s V510 The Makings of a Google Nexus 8?

LG-V510-Nexus-8-2LG’s mysterious V510 may prove to be the Nexus 8? LG and Google are currently like two peas in a pod! LG has produced both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Oddly enough the search giants tablet selection is not quite as uniform. Two generations of the famed Nexus 7 is made by the highly capable Asus, while the not so known Nexus 10 was produced by Samsung. As Google’s Nexus program continues to move forward however it looks as if LG may be getting in on a taste of the Nexus tablet market as well.

The LG G-Pad 8.3 was introduced into this world seemingly out of nowhere. While the tablet was indeed leaked, rumored and heavily speculated the G-Pad was to be the company’s next foray into tablets after the rather unimpressive Optimus Pad and G-Slate devices didn’t do so well. The recently announced G-Pad 8.3 will unfortunately, most likely suffer the same fate at least here stateside, but what if the new G-Pad was a Nexus? The LG V510 has appeared in the news in the past. Last month the newly leaked LG device introduced itself to the world as the next Nexus 10 also known as the V510. The leaky pictures showed off a 10 inch slate style tablet and were not easily believable. Luckily washing down all rumors with a grain of salt will easily allow us to consume this next rumor. Today new details of the V510 have surfaced to the headlines via Sina Weibo a Chinese based micro blogging website. The leaks show off a few pages from the LG-V510’s user manual. According to the manual this new LG tablet uses an 8.3 inch 1920 x1200 touch screen, a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera, 2 GB of RAM, a huge 4600 mAh battery and stuffs it all into a amazingly thin 8.3mm housing. For the record, the G-Pad 8.3 aka the V500 shares all of the same spec’s. Unfortunately for the sentiment of this new tablet being a Nexus device the verdict is still out, but if not we at least have another G-Pad in the world!

Anyone interested in a Nexus 8 built off of LG’s G-Pad? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in LG accessories are here.

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