LG Set to Re-Enter the Tablet Space with the V500 and V507L?



Is a new LG tablet on the way? Hot on the heels of LG’s G2 announcement new details and fuel for the rumor mill fire have turned over new evidence that show’s LG is planning on getting back into the tablet space. LG announced the G2 just yesterday and will be entering the new smart phone market with a emphasis on awesome software based features. Sure, a super slim build and buttons on the back is awesome, but it’s the software features that will be selling devices in the future…just ask Samsung. The only missing piece of LG’s puzzle however is a tablet! New details surrounding the companies’ next foray into the tablet space has just been revealed.

LG has always been known for making awesome new gadgets; however they have seemingly left themselves out of the tablet space for quite some time. Way back in 2011 LG launched the T-Mobile G-Slate and shortly thereafter the Optimus Pad. Since then LG’s presence in the tablet space has been missing in action. Today however, new details out of the Bluetooth SIG reveal the company is planning a new tablet. The Bluetooth SIG is essentially a ‘proving’ ground that takes in new Bluetooth enabled devices and gives them the yay, or nay on using the Bluetooth name. The documents reveal a new LG made V500 and V507L and go on to leave out the usual markings of “3G, GSM and LTE mobile phone”. The document instead lists this new device as simply, an “LG Mobile Device”. Furthering the speculation the two models could easily represent a Wi-Fi only version found in the V500 and a 4G LTE version found within the V507L. If the grain of salt is not large enough, checkout the highlighted information on the picture above, under the software version number, it reads LAP8064. This number could mean nothing more than LG’s variation of software, but the number 8064 is representative of Qualcomm made processors. The APQ8064 represents the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, while APQ8064T represents the more recent chipset found with the Snapdragon 600 processor. There is no word on the launch of LG’s next Bluetooth 4.0 enabled V500, however it is expected to launch at IFA in Berlin next month.

Anyone interested in LG’s next tablet? Could this be the company’s next attempt at a slate styled tablet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of LG and this new rumor surrounding their tablets. Also, before you run be sure to check out all the latest and greatest in LG accessories.

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