LG confirms Tablet for Q4

So the idea of tablets taking over your life is about as farfetched as that smartphone taking over your life right? The idea of a tablet has been around for quite some time and have made there appearance in the past but did not take off to well. I guess something’s you just need to leave up to Apple, and then the masses will follow. But really a tablet could be in your future and you may not even know it.

LG has announced earlier in the month that they would be dropping an Android based tablet as a part of its new Optimus line. The rumors began to fly and the interest surrounding the Android tablet began to peak. Stating that they are ready for WP7 yesterday LG has taken the podium again and confirmed that they will be launching there Android tablet within Q4. The Korean based company is more than likely trying to fill that Holiday season gap with something other than Windows Phone 7 devices, and an Android tablet will do the trick. There is not much more news on this little bit of information and only time will reveal the LG Android tablet to us, I would expect leaked pictures sooner than later. While Q4 is a very general time frame it is good to know they are on the way. There is a possibility that this tablet would not make it to American soil and could be a Korea release only, but until more juicey details show up we can only imagine.

Anyone interested in an LG Android Tablet?

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