LG Spectrum Accessories Ensure a Long Lasting life

Your new smart phone is capable of great things. The LG Spectrum is essentially like having a super computer in your pocket all day and when it’s time to be used you get the very best in processing, data speeds and a picture perfect super clear display. The LG Spectrum comes equipped with a perfect 4.5 inch True HD display with a 720×1280 pixel resolution, the super data speeds of Verizon’s legendary LTE 4G network, a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8 mega pixel camera and the latest and greatest in Android OS version 4.0. But you probably already knew all of that. But keeping your new smart phone fully charged, synced and protected is something many smart phone users forget. Here we will help you keep your LG Spectrum safe and ready with an assortment of cases, chargers, batteries and syncing cables.

With a super phone like the LG Spectrum exposing it to the wild elements of what is known as life could be very detrimental to the phones health, unless of course you’re protected. Keeping your phone safe and protected is easy with the Case-Mate LG Spectrum Tough Case. The excellent Tough case from Case-Mate is a perfect light weight, highly protective dual layer case option for your Spectrum. Its first layer is made of a high density silicone material that absorbs all shock if dropped, while the outer plastic layer keeps the dents, dings and scratches away from your phones beautiful build. Other cases like this LG Spectrum Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case, are single layer cases that provide the ultimate in protection. Crafted from a high density scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic these two part cases easily slide onto your LG Spectrum and offer up unprecedented protection. The inner panel of the case is laced with a soft felt liner that will keep the back of your phone scratch free during installation and removal. With just these two protective case options you can surely keep your Spectrum in tip top shape, but if you are looking for more case options check out our full listing of LG Spectrum accessories.

Keeping your LG Spectrum fully charged and ready at the helm is the next order of business. Keeping your smart phone synced with your digital world has never been easier with the likes of this LG Micro-USB data cable. This perfect micro USB cable option measures in at an easy to manage 2 feet 7 inches and can effortlessly sync your Spectrum to your computer and or provide it with the charge it needs to get through the day. When a data cable simply can’t get you the power you need, this combination of USB charger and micro USB cable is all you’ll ever need. The LG Travel Adapter with Micro USB Data Cable , this perfect accessory is a combination of a USB AC charger and micro USB sync and charging cable. You can use the USB charger to charge nearly any USB compatible device, while the cable can also be used to sync and charge from your computer. The cable can also be used to charge most any other micro USB enabled mobile devices! Traveling? No worries take the aforementioned USB cable and connect it to this LG Travel Adapter with Global adapter clips.  Combine this worldly charging adapter with a simple micro USB cable and you’ll be able to get the juice you need wherever you may be in the world.

So now your LG Spectrum should be fully charged and ready to handle the elements of day to day life. With our huge and ever growing collection of the finest in aftermarket, original and OEM LG Spectrum accessories you can keep your mobile world perfectly managed and fully charged. And remember if you want a great deal on this new phone, whether it’s an upgrade or new contract, you can find the most affordable deals on the LG Spectrum here at the WirelessGround Phone store.

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