LG Postpones Their Android Tablet

Pic via erictric.com

LG has decided to postpone their plans for a tablet at the moment. The reason why? Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ just does not seem to be up to the task; at least according to LG. So what will LG decide to do? Either wait for the next Android OS release or possibly go with Google Chrome OS. Google really wants Chrome OS to find a home and experience the massive success that Android has had on smartphones. Android was never designed to power tablet computers, and Google wants to keep manufacturers from pressing for it on their tablets. Apparently the company has convinced LG to wait a little while.

While LG is the third largest cellphone manufacturer in the world, its smartphone sales have stalled at horribly low numbers. Smartphones are the wave of the future and LG desperately wants to be in on the trend. It is moving into Windows Mobile 7 territory and wants to be able to use Android OS as a launch pad to take a larger chunk of the market. Look at Motorola before Android came out. It was struggling and its adoption of Android shot its smartphone sales through the roof. LG wants the same thing.

Could LG’s unnamed tablet be the first running Google’s unseen Chrome OS? LG might figure that choosing the path Google wants as far as the operating system is concerned might be the right move. Who could argue with a company that came into the cellphone and operating system arena so late and put on such an impressive performance?

I am sure that Google wants to be able to start exerting the same level of control on smartphone manufacturers that use its operating system as Apple does over AT&T. Both companies are betting on their operating systems but from the sales performance of Google’s Nexus One, Apple has the edge when it comes to the complete package. Verizon Wireless has already started meddling around with Android and ripping Google’s search engine out of it. Motorola has its MOTOBLUR interface thrown on top of Android. Google needs to start exerting more control or it could lose its edge. Convincing a manufacturer like LG to adopt Chrome OS might just be its first step.

Let’s wait and see what LG’s tablet ultimately runs. Think Android is the way to go for tablets or should Google’s Chrome OS be given a chance to prove itself?

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