LG’s Optimus Pad gets exposed


LG has been in the news lately and it seems like it’s time for them to reestablish themselves within the mobile industry. Not that they have gone anywhere, but with the likes of the Ally and the Fathom it has been known that LG needs to step it up to compete in this rapidly growing industry of mobile computing. With recent leaks of the Froyo running E720 and the amazingly fast WP7 E900 it looks like LG is doing just that, stepping it up.

Toward the end of July, LG announced that the world could expect a tablet out of their labs by the end of Q4 this year. Recently we get a chance to take a peek at the Optimus Pad. Today in Brussels’ at the LG Dealer Days 2010, LG announced some of its new Optimus smart phones. However, a little more interesting point on the presentation was the revealing of its shrouded in secrecy Optimus Pad. There was little revealed about the new Optimus pad; however, the power point slides show us the pad’s form factor to be similar -or at least looks similar- to the Samsung Galaxy Tab that will be launching soon. What we do know is the Optimus Pad will indeed be running on the “Android platform, with superior performance, thinner and lighter than competitor’s tablets and many first’s”.

But who are there competitors? Sounds like LG may be taking a stab at Apple form factor and performance. So in the quest to launch ten new devices by the year’s end it looks like LG has spun the wheel and is looking to move forward.

I’m interested in an Android powered tablet from LG that would out perform its competitors, are you? Sound off and let us know what you think of LG’s new endeavors.

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