LG continues its journey with the Optimus One and Optimus Chic

Left: Optimus One - Right Optimus Chic

LG has been all over the news lately. Becoming an official WP7 manufacturer, and then seemingly over nights staking claim in the industry saying they will launch 10 new smart phones and sell over 5 million of them by year’s end. Well today LG takes one step closer…well two steps closer to their goals with the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic.

The LG Optimus Z was officially announced in Korea a few months back, this device was preinstalled with over 100 apps, 70 of which cannot be found within the market place. With the Optimus Z doing its thing overseas LG has found the time to pump out the Optimus Chic and the Optimus One, which were both made official today. Both of the Optimus’s are pictured above, they are both full touch screen devices those touch screens measure in at 3.2 inches. They also share 600MHz processors and the obvious standards, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, dually WCDMA, and Quad GSM, and both will be running the awesomeness of Froyo or 2.2. Some differences between the two models are likely, so what are they? Well the Optimus Chic runs a 5MP camera, and holds about 1250mAh in battery size, whiles the Optimus One, holds about 1500mAh in its battery and shoots pics with a 3.2MP camera.

The two devices are slated to hit earth in time for the holidays, and should be expected in European countries in November. No pricing found within the press release as usual, but considering the stats and the fact LG is thinking One for him and Chic for her, many really cute couples this holiday season (come on LG you know this is the couple phone). These phones will most likely be next to Free-ninety- nine. And if there not well then that’s pure and unadulterated malarkey!

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