The LG Optimus L7 is a new Mid Range Monster


The weeks before the world met to discuss mobile LG was hard at work showing off some of their new devices. Shortly before MWC some of LG’s new devices leaked into the wild, including the LG Optimus VU, the Optimus 3D 2 and the LG X3. While some will be a hit and other may never take off, it won’t matter because it looks like LG had an ace up their sleeve with a Galaxy S II of their own….or also known as the LG Optimus L-Style. L-Style from LG runs as a series of devices including the L3, L5 and the L7.

The LG L3 is the smallest of the bunch and its screen measures in at 3.2 inches, the L5 measures in at 4 inches while the L7 finds itself in that sweet spot at 4.3 inches. The LG Optimus L-Style devices are slate styled smart phones and are said to take their design cues from LG’s very own Prada 3.0 device, however they share some striking similarities with existing devices from some of LG’s direct competitors…if you can’t beat em’ right. While the LG Optimus L7 may be the higher end of the new L-Style devices, its seemingly coming up short in the specs department when compared to what has been recently announced and or what is already available. But lower end specs never hurt and actually in the right conditions have been known to outperform others.  The 4.3 inch screen on the Optimus L7 uses LG’s NOVA display technologies and provides 217 pixels per inch with a 480×800 resolution. Internally the Optimus L7 wont turn any heads either. It is said to be running with a 1Ghz single core processor that is backed by 1GB of RAM and 3GB internal storage. Around back a 5 mega pixel camera gives you your liscense to snap, while a 1700 mAh battery keeps it all together and running. The L7 measures in at a super thin 8.7 mm and sports a very nice form factor. The L7 uses the power of Android version 4.0 or also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. And that’s about it folks! The L-Style series devices should be available in the near future and will be priced right for the budget minded shoppers in mind.




While the Optimus L7 device may not impress the smart phone snob, it will surely fit well into the market place…if priced accordingly. What do you think of the new L-Style? Interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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