The LG Optimus L7 II Dual Leaks into the Wild

An Optimus for all of us! Is the Optimus L7 ready for a makeover? Last year the LG Optimus L7 was announced and subsequently launched to satisfied customers across the globe. The device however had a few draw backs that distinctively separated itself from the higher end of the market. A Snapdragon S1 processor and VGA quality camera are just a few that come to mind. Fast forward a year, LG can update the L7 with last year’s high end spec’s and keep it at the high end of the mid range. Today, a few leaks out of Russia point to an L7 rebirth, known as the Optimsu L7 II Dual.

A few leaky details surrounding a new LG device have surfaced from, a Russsian technology blog. The information albeit a bit scarce shows a new more round L7 II Dual with a few improvements from the original model. According to the site the handset is to be known simply as the LG Optimus L7 II Dual and will become an available in the “second half of February”. Pictures, which seem to be renderings show a ‘safer’ more rounded design and boldly proclaims its dual SIM capabilities. The handset sports dual SIM card functionality and specifically rocks an external “hot key” to switch between SIM’s while on the move. The L7 II Dual is set to be offered in both black and white variations and run you only 12 990 rubles, which loosely translates into about $432 freedom bucks. Internally the new Optimus L7 II Dual is slightly improved. It comes with a dual core 1 GHz chip set that will give Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean its go. The L7 II Dual screen measures in at 4.3 inches and uses IPS technologies to show you its pixels. Around back you’ll find an 8 mega pixel camera that cans of course record video at a 720p HD resolution. The L7 II Dual like all leaks this time of year is expected to be officially announced at MWC, and until then…

A dual SIM toting smart phone unfortunately has no place in the American market, but what do you think about the new L7 II Dual? Let us know below and remember the best place for LG accessories is here.

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