LG’s Optimus L Series Devices To See Upgrades Across the Board


LG is set to update their Optimus L series handsets across the board. LG has their Optimus line, HTC the One series, and Samsung with the Galaxies, but as different as they are, they all have one thing in common! A suspected update at MWC. Every year the weeks leading up to MWC provide the world with a never ending supply of rumors, leaks and speculation from industry insiders. Today news of LG’s plans for their classic Optimus line up has come into the cross hairs and the anticipation leading up to MWC grows a bit more.

Late last month brought us news of LG’s Optimus L7. The higher end of the L series devices, the Optimus L7 II as it’s called is set to get an all around update as well as dual SIM card slots. While the L7 news was leaked out a few weeks back, new details of the entire line up have emerged. All Optimus L series handsets are set for an upgrade, the Optimus L3 II, Optimus L5 II as well as the Optimus L7 II. According to newly leaked details the Optimus L3 II which you see pictured above is set to see improvements via a 1 GHz processor, an improved IPS touch screen as well as a 5 mega pixel rear facing. The mid range of the L series is the Optimus L5 II. Internally the L5 II will boast a 1 GHz Cortex-A9 chipset that will run alongside a PowerVR SGX531 GPU. Additionally the L5 II is said to use a 4 inch WVGA touch screen and run with the likes of Android version 4.1.2. The Optimus L7 II will host a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8225 system chip that runs with a dual core 1 GHz processor and Adreno 203 GPU. The L7 II will come equipped with 768 MB of RAM, a 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen, an 8 mega pixel camera and run with the likes of Android version 4.1.2. Further confirming the initial rumors of the L7 II, these new details give the L5 II and the L7 II dual SIM capabilities.

That concludes our journey into Optimus L. Anyone interested in the new L series handsets? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.  And remember that the very best in LG accessories are here!

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