The LG Optimus G Set to Get a Nexus Makeover?


In the world of smart phones there are currently some awesome options out there. But what you may not know is there are two flavors of Android. You can get any old Android device, or you could get a Google Nexus device. While the Google Nexus handsets and tablets do run Android, they are an unflavored and exactly the way Android should be according to its creators. Most Android phones are skinned, bloated and all around not quite as good as it could be simply due to the 2 cents of manufacturers and carriers. Google Nexus devices are some of the most sought after devices on the market and when a new Nexus is ready or rumored for launch we must listen! Newly leaked rumors of the future Nexus device are hitting the mill and it sounds awesome!

In the past Google has used some of the industry’s best manufacturers to produce some amazing Nexus handsets. The original Google G1 and the Nexus One were manufactured by HTC, the Nexus S and the most recently Galaxy Nexus are Samsung made. Google’s recent Nexus tablet was manufactured by Asus. Rumors of the next generation Google Nexus handset are starting to hit the rumor mill and the excitement is nearly unbearable. The latest in rumors surrounding the next Nexus device comes from the likes of and leaves us expecting what the recent LG Optimus G has to offer, in an updated body. The leaky information points to the spec sheet of the LG Optimus G but states that it “doesn’t look the same”. Additional details go on to state that the new LG made Nexus device will run with the very latest in Android version 4.2 and come packing a quad core Snapdragon S4 processor. Internally she’s said to run with 2GB of RAM and offer up no expandable micro SD memory and will “initially” only come in 8 to 16 GB version. The screens size is rumored to measure in at 4.7 inches and comes with a 1280×768 resolution with a True-HD IPS touch screen. The LG made Nexus will also be packing in an 8 mega pixel camera, a non removable battery and wireless built in charging. Unfortunately the name of this awesomely Android device has yet to be determined; however it’s rumored to make its way to market by “mid-November”. The rumors on the LG made Nexus unfortunately end here, but keep in mind that most of the people interested are currently entertaining a slew of new Nexus devices from multiple different manufactures in a few different form factors, so only time can tell.

Anyone interested? I know that we are. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new rumored LG manufactured Nexus device. And remember folks the very best in LG accessories can be had here.

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