The LG Optimus G Super Phone Launches in Korea, Leaves Plans for World Dominance Un-Told


A new LG phone has launched today in Seoul and has proven once again that the specs race cannot be won! LG has made good on their plans to launch their latest flagship device within the lovely month of September and the LG Optimus G is born. The LG Optimus G has been leaked and rumored since August and has now become official. The device sets the bar pretty high in many areas and with specs that read like a mobile nerds prefect dream, we can only hope the rest of the market place follows suite.

With a device like the Optimus G it’s hard to know where to begin. Its early details gave it the likes of Qualcomm support for its chipset, a 768p gapless LCD G2 Touch Hybrid Display and a new super battery that out performs most others in recharge cycles. Luckily for anyone interested, LG actually followed through with their promises and one of best smart phones to hit the market place has become a reality. Before you get taken away by the specs list for this new super phone it should be pointed out that this device in its current state has been released and will be shipping in Korea starting next week. Its plans for worldly domination have yet to be determined, however we can most likely expect some spec changes for its maiden voyage stateside. Price wise the Optimus G will run you’re about 999,900 KRW, which loosely translates into about $895! So what can you expect for such a high price tag? Well, quite a lot actually. The device starts with a 4.7 inch 1280×768 True HD IPS PLUS display that sports that truly awesome ZeroGap technology.  Internally this beast of a smart phone runs with the likes of a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 pro SOC APQ8064 chipset coupled with an Adreno 320 graphics processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built in storage space. Unfortunately an expandable memory option was axed out of the super slim design. Around back a 13 mega pixel camera with all the features you’d expect resides. Up front a 1.3 megapixel sensor is available for all your video conferencing. You may be wondering what kind of nuclear reactor is needed to power this device, but it’s just a good old fashioned non removable 2100 mAh lithium polymer battery doing the dirty work. Keep in mind however the new Optimus G, because of its super powerful quad core processor and highly capable graphics processor, can do things most other phones only dream of. LG likes to call one of its main features “cross-tasking”. This functionality will allow features like live zooming, screen dual play and Qslide to name a few. The Qslide feature is a function that will allow users to “show two different screens simultaneously on one display” this allowing the end user to “complete two tasks concurrently”. The list of amazing features goes on and the Optimus G has definitely been taught some new tricks. The Optimus G runs with Android version 4.0 out of the box and comes with all the connectivity one should expect including Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, WI-Fi, Hotspot, micro USB 2.0, HDMI via micro USB, DLNA, MHL and NFC.

The LG Optimus G will be shipping within Korea by the weeks end and its plans for world domination have yet to be revealed. The anticipation is killing me! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this amazing new super phone form LG. Anyone interested? Also as always the very best in LG Optimus accessories are here in spades.

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