The LG Optimus Elite Ready for Launch?

LG produced their first Optimus phone back in 2010, it ran Android and started a naming trend that seemingly took over LG’s repertoire. The name spawned over twenty different handsets and tablets with multiple carrier and operating system variations. The latest being a Galaxy Note contender with the Optimus Vu. But with the underwhelming popularity of LG hardware and the rising levels of competition, you may figure LG would move past the Optimus name. However tht is not the case as a new round of Optimus devices are hitting the rumor mill. It goes by the name of the Optimus Elite and is seemingly anything but. is notorious for leaking pictures and details of new devices has done it again. This time in the Android running LG Optimus section of the world a new mid range device emerges. It carries an Optimus name that ends with Elite, but does its name match whats inside? Spoiler…no it does not. Sprint and its pre paid sister company Virgin Mobile will soon be stocking this new Optimus Elite. The Elite first surfaced earlier this month as the US bound Optimus Net with a name change; however the Optimus Elite seen here certainly has a different and a more impressive build. While the spec listing for the newly pictured Optimus Elite is said to match original details of the Net it is possible these some of these specs may see change before Virgin or Sprint launch them. The new Elite is said to carry a 3.2 inch HVGA quality touch screen that will give users complete touch control over the Android operating system. Internally Android will get its go from an 800 MHz CPU. Around back you’ll notice an LED flash what looks to be a self portrait mirror and a 5 mega pixel camera. Other details that stem from the Net will give the Elite NFC technologies that will of course give users access to use Google Wallet. With that, the specifics dry up. The source goes on to say the Sprint version of the Optimus Elite should be hitting the market very soon, while the Virgin Mobile variation should be hitting the streets sometime in early May. Pricing, simply put, should be cheap!

So, is this new Optimus, Elite? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this new Optimus Elite. Oh yea, one more thing. LG Accessories, Here, check them out! Now!

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